Aeroflot Moscow to St Petersburg | SVO-LED

Moscow Sheremeytyevo (SVO) – St. Petersburg (LED)

Always ecstatic whenever I get to try flying with a new airline. In this video, I’m going to review my flying experience with Aeroflot (Russian Airlines). Aeroflot is a member of Skyteam alliance. Free luggage allowance is provided and a simple refreshment is served on a short haul flight. Amazingly, crew were great. I guess Aeroflot is the first airline which provides so many inflight magazines onboard that I have ever seen.

Date – 2 Dec 2019
From – Moscow (SVO) Terminal B
To – St. Petersburg (LED) Terminal 1
Flight – SU16
Fleet – A320-214
Registration – VP-BJY
Gate – 107
Seat – 26F
Takeoff – 24L
Landing – 28L

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