Chinese Drama 2019 | The Ugly Queen 01 Eng Sub 齐丑无艳 | Historical Romance Drama 1080P

Plot Summary of 2019 New Chinese Historical Romance Drama “The Ugly Queen 齐丑无艳” Web Series: During Chinese Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.), States fought each other, people suffered a lot. But when King Xuan of Qi succeeded to the throne (350 B.C.), at the beginning, He was very dissipated and neglected state affairs. Yan Ying, the Prime Minister, was so worry about this. The Jade Emperor of the Heaven has seven daughter fairies, The 6th daughter is kind and worry about the people of Mortal World. So she decides to go down to help them. But she can’t show her real appearance but a Yaksha face. then she was reincarnated in Zhongli Village, named Zhongli Wuyan (also called Zhong Wuyan or Zhongli Chun, One of Four Famous Ugliest Woman in Chinese History). This girl was adept with both the pen and the sword (Strategy and Military). With the help of Prime Minister Yan Ying, she met the King Xuan of Qi and became his Queen. After that, she support the King manage the state affairs and made Qi become one of the strongest states.

全剧简介: 2019 电视剧《齐丑无艳 The Ugly Queen》讲述春秋战国时期诸侯纷争,民不聊生,战国七雄当中实力最强的当属齐国,齐宣王的父亲齐威王驾崩后齐宣王继位。齐宣王继位初期沉迷酒色,不理朝政,丞相晏婴是看在眼里急在心头。无计可施。玉皇大帝生有七女,六女心底善良,观天下百姓疾苦,决心下凡帮助百姓脱离苦难,但是不能以仙女的身份下凡,必须披上夜叉的外衣才能下凡,投胎出生在苍山放马岭下的钟离村,取名“钟离无盐” (或称 钟无艳、钟离春、钟无盐;中国古代四大丑女之一)。因自小生的奇丑无比,无人敢靠近,但是她却学的了一身好本领,文韬武略,天文地理,无所不能。文从鬼谷子,武从骊山老母。巧遇齐宣王后成为齐宣王的正宫娘娘,辅佐齐宣王治理齐国,使得齐国在战国七雄当中逐渐壮大。

出品 Produced: 金盾影视 最幕影视
导演 Director: 李相国 Li Xiangguo
主演 Starring: 郝文婷 高海诚 武虹言 闫立飞 郑龙 赵津生 李学政
题材 Feature: #古装 Ancient Costume, 历史 Chinese History, 军事 #动作 Military #Action, 喜剧 Comedy, 爱情 #Romance
集数 Episodes: 12
年代 Year: 2018

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