Devil May Cry 5: Monkey Business Devil Breaker Exclusive DLC (Showcase & Short Gameplay)

Got given a code from Microsoft on Xbox (I’m in the UK) and it was for this special Devil Breaker called Monkey Business, however I thought this was supposed to be a Japan Amazon pre-order exclusive, apparently Microsoft are giving this out freely to players who have played long enough on Xbox, nice! I did look on both the PS Store and the Microsoft Store but there was nothing on this Devil Breaker.

You cannot buy this Breaker from Nico and it can only be found out during missions randomly, however going to Nico while one is equipped and storing it, will save it and can be picked up or equipped through the menu etc later, you just can’t buy more… so if you want a stack full you’ll need to farm a few missions.

I know it’s short but there’s not much to show, enjoy!

#DMC5 #MonkeyBusiness #DevilBreaker

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