Let's Play: The Sims 3 Complete Collection – Part 1 (Create-A-Sim)

(Sept. 9, 2016 22:01.30)(UTC -05:00)

Hey guys! After a long period of not uploading, I’ve finally decided to start a new Let’s Play series for the Sims 3. This time around, I’m playing with a version that includes EVERYTHING–all expansion packs, all stuff packs, and all updates. There’s a lot to be discovered, so I don’t waste any time and start playing!

In this episode, I go into Create A Sim mode and create one of the main sims for the series, Crangis McBasketball. I originally made a sim named Buck Chambers, but that was in my first recording, which I was not able to upload due to a few technical issues. That’s fixed now, though, and I go through the process of creating the sim and choosing personality traits. Next, I’ll create a house for Crangis and his future roommate, Seneca Crane.

I can’t wait to see where this series goes! Share this video so other people can see it too!

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