Make Ringtone For iPhone Using GarageBand 2020 | Cài Nhạc Chuông Cho Ip Mới Nhất

Hello everyone!
Today I will guide you how to make ringtones for the latest iPhones 2020.

Chào mọi người hôm nay mình sẽ chia se cho mọi người cách làm nhạc chuông cho iphone mới nhất 2020 nhé!

▶ Step1, you need to download the application:
-A video song on Youtube.
▶ Step 2:
You go to youtube copy the song link, then paste it on website
Convert to MP3
▶ Step 3:
Use gareband like the video tutorial.

So, I hope this video helps you to know how to make Ringtone for iPhone using GarageBand.
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Music Source:
Youtube Library & NCS
► Creator Credit: Jarico – Island :
► Jarico – Island:
🔈 Download free this song here :

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