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Mexico City is known as an attractive tourist city, visitors from all over the world. Here, visitors can find the rich culture of Mexico through the buildings, interesting attractions and traditional dishes.

Mexico has been known for its democracy, friendly country, history, culture, great architecture, and fine food. Many tourists have found great relaxation here when exploring this surprising city.

Coming to Mexico City, it is interesting to see the city view from the 44-story Latin American building named Torre Latinoamericana. From this high tower, you can see the snowy peak of Popocatepetl or Izataccihuatl. In addition, you can also see the green parks, boulevards, palaces or museums that mark the history of the city’s formation and development.
What’s better to sit on a yacht visiting the floating gardens at Xochimilco south of the city on weekends. There are interconnected canal networks and busy fruit markets. Certainly, you will not forget a Mexican spread in the cool nature.
Plaza of the Constitution, known as Zocalo, is the third largest square in the world. Zocalo is the historical, cultural center of Mexico, where the country’s major cultural events take place. Square of Three Cultures, the famous 17th-century San Diego church or buildings built in the late 20th century are also not to be missed when exploring Mexican architecture.
If you want to enjoy the taste of ancient Mexico, go to Coyoacan district, where the cultural colors are reflected through the colorful costumes, restaurants, churches, galleries. You can also find everything handmade or woven by hand here.
The world famous Mexican cuisine with a spicy flavor, how to decorate showy dishes and a variety of different spices. Many of today’s Mexican dishes are based on pre-Colombo traditional foods, combined with European dishes brought by Europeans, to create a variety but extremely unique in this country’s cuisine…

Traditional meals for indigenous Mexicans mainly contain corn as the staple food, combined with herbs, peppers, and tomatoes. Today, the use of rice is also very popular in Mexico to make food, in addition to wheat. A popular drink and featured tequila.

Mexican culture reflects the complexity of Mexican history with a mix of ethnic and cultural diversity in this country. The two main factors that makeup Mexican culture are the culture of indigenous Indians and Spanish culture for 300 years of colonization. Regardless of the cultural complexity, Mexicans are always known for their friendliness and hospitality.

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