My Sunshine || Ánh nắng của anh (English Version)- Thủy Tẹt

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❤ Lyrics

Before you came
I’ve been lost and all alone but still nobody knew
Watching days all passing by, still here just on my own
Just letting time slip away
Waiting for someone to hear
The voice within my soul

Just like the sun,
When you walked into my life
You eased the pain away
Lighting up the dark and bringing color to my life
That moment when I feel our love
You are the one that ive been dreamin of

I’ll be here by your side
Keeping you warm in my arms
Loving you til i die
Just put your hand in mine
Listen to my heartbeat
You’ll feel the love just for you
Everything turns bright when you smile
Cuz you’ll always be the sunshine… in my heart

Here comes the dawn I wont have to walk alone
Cuz you’re now here with me
It was just the dream i dreamed until you make it real
That moment when we share our love
You are the one I cherish all my life

“Ánh nắng của anh” – Originally by Đức Phúc
Written by: Khắc Hưng


No copyright infringement intended. For promotional use only. The song belongs to the artist/record label/production company who made it. I do not own anything

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