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The Nerd reviews several accessories for the NES to find out how good or bad they are, including the NES Zapper and Power Pad, the Konami LaserScope, the Brøderbund UForce, and the LJN Roll & Rocker. He also spends some time finding out what the Super Scope for the SNES is like to play games with. This is Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 47.

Back in 1985, the NES helped to revitalize the video game industry following the crash of ’83. Nintendo set the standard when it came to video game consoles with this 8-bit home entertainment console and was the first to endorse third-party development. This, of course, led to many games — and, the subject of this video, accessories designed to enhance the player’s experience with their games. Some were good — such as the NES Max or the Zapper, though a lot more were terrible. Today, The Nerd looks at some of the worst, or lesser-known, and determines whether or not they perform as expected — such as the Konami Laser Scope and the LJN Roll ‘n’ Rocker, and of course, hilarity ensues.

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