Pokemon Creed – Online RPG / MMORPG Browser Game

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The first official trailer made for: Pokemon Creed. Pokemon Creed is a Pokemon Online RPG founded by Da Man on 11th June 2010.

Pokemon Creed is currently the most updated Pokemon MMORPG ever released – no other Pokemon online MMO can match this.

To start playing the MMORPG, click on the link below:

Auction House: Real time bidding
Battle Towers
Walkable Live Map System – Just like Pokemon Crater
Rainbow/Cursed/Shadow/Luminous/Golden Pokemon
Event System
Linked Forum System
Travel to city to city, and region to region
Signature for profile/forums
50/50 Game
Countless minigames
And much more!

Looking forward to seeing you on Pokemon Creed,
Da Man

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