Police 1013 Drama/Debacle : The 130k Donation Scam (Game)… That Tried To Intimidate Me….

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3.Police 1013 Shuts Down Development and Blames ME!

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1.Dirty Devs: Police 1013 Defamation Lawsuit Threats and developer harassment

2. Dirty Devs: Police 1013 Developer Apology and Moving Forward

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What is Police 1013?

Supposedly… its A lot that can happen in a short period. Because of the amazing support I have received from this awesome community I have decided that I will continue to develop the game and at the same time start speaking with studios to join forces. I ask that you be patient during this time so that I can do things in a more positive way. First thing will be to completely get off social media (except facebook) so that I can concentrate on all the positives and hit the refresh button. That way I’m at least moving forward on the game AND speaking to other companies to attach to the game. I know how you all feel about this game and I have been humbled by the amazing support you’ve shown me and my family as well as the dream of this game becoming a reality. So thank you. I will keep you updated semi-regularly when I have news or things you should see. Thanks again everyone for the amazing support.

ps – Police 1013 will have a no-troll policy. The only criticism we will listen to from this point on will be when we ask for it. I hope that makes sense.

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