ROS Top 10 Plays! Ep.03 (Rules of Survival Montage)

—– HOW TO JOIN (PLEASE READ) —– PC & MOBILE USERS are both welcome! —–
—– Submit your clips to: —–

1. Record your ROS outplay clip using any software. (I recommend OBS or Bandicam)
2. Please submit one (1) your best outplay only.
3. Make sure to use (.mp4) file format. You may also submit (.avi)
4. Visit to submit your DOWNLOADABLE CLIP (.mp4) not just a Video Link.
5. Make sure to “correctly” input all the details needed.
7. Please refrain from using vulgar words. There are kids watching our videos.
8. You may only win once every two judging period.
9. Game mode should only be “Ranked”
10. Please use NEW clips! OLD clips would be disregarded.

Your clip will be featured in Daksde’s YT channel. Thank you!

Weekly Load Rewards! Join now!

Top 1: 300 load
Top 2: 200 load
Top 3: 100 load
Top 4: 50 load
Top 5: 50 load


– How many clips can you submit? One. Please make sure it’s your best clip!
– How will the the clips be judged? I’ll be the one judging it. You may also share the video to get votes.
– Is there a time limit for the clip? No. long as the outplay is good even if it’s more than 3 or 5 minutes we’ll accept it.
– Is everyone welcome to join? Yes.
– Can you have background music? Yes, as long as it’s not copyrighted.

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!



Reach me at:

Music credits to:

Text Me Records / Grandbanks – Traz
Causmic – Side Show
Noir Et Blanc Vie – Brighton Lights
Noir Et Blanc Vie – False Startz
Green Daze by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
South London HIFI – Sky View Well


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