Show this to your camp leader in LifeAfter so you can get rich and have technologies!

Being part of a camp gives you incredible benefits but if you aren’t one of the officers of that camp, you might not realize how expensive it is to pay for some of the technologies and upgrades that you are benefitting from. The costs of upgrading your Camp to Savage and then agrarian and then steam are actually some of the cheapest expenses your camp leader has to manage. For example, 1 level 2 technology can cost up to 50000 resources per day of use. Furthermore, unlike the resources required to upgrade your camp which can be donated to the vault, camp members are not allowed to donate wood, stone and hemp meaning that the 10s of thousands of those resources have to come from taxation alone. But if your Camp leader raises your taxes to the max of 25%, that also takes 25% of your secondary resources which makes it a lot harder to advance in the game. So the camp leader has to choose between the camp members advancement and the technological benefits he or she is wanting to give them. However, if your camp leader or officers uses the trick I am about to show you, your camp can get the resources required to have technologies without sacrificing your personal advancement in the game.

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