SKT vs SSG – Game 1 Grand Finals Worlds 2016 | LoL S6 World Championship Samsung vs SK Telecom T1 G1

SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy Game 1 Final Lol esports S6 Worlds. H2K vs SSG G1 at S6 Worlds 2016. Samsung Galaxy vs SK Telecom T1 Game 1 2016 Worlds VOD 1080p
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League of Legends Season 6 World Championship 2016 International Tournament. S6 Worlds Grand Finals!
First match of the day – SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy – Grand Finals best of 5 Game 1.

SK Telecom T1 Line-up:
Duke – Top Trundle
Bengi – Jungle Olaf
Faker – Mid Orianna
Bang – AD Jhin
Wolf – Support Karma

Samsung Galaxy Line-up:
CuVee – top POppy
Ambition – jungle Lee Sin
Crown – mid Viktor
Ruler – ADC Caitlyn
CoreJJ – Support Zyra

Patch: 6.18 – season 6
Game date: 29.10.2016 | 10/29/2016 | October 29th 2016
Game place: Staples Center, LA
Casters: Kobe, Jatt and QuickShot

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