Undertale Music / Color Mod: Genocide Showcase (Download included!)

0:00 Too much…
0:46 Wrong Number?!
1:51 But the Earth Refused to Die
3:04 Battle Against a True Hero
7:43 Power of -Neo-
9:28 Megalovania
15:05 ???

This video showcases the bosses and other accompanying themes in the Genocide run for my music mod, which I’ve been working on on-and-off for about a year, however there’s a TON of more content for the rest of the game. You can try the mod out here:

Features many stellar musicians such as RichaadEB, Nirre, Stone Mcknuckle, and more!

There’s even a little voiceacting at the end of this one, courtesy of OverEnglishman.

Want more showcase videos?
Neutral Ending:

This video also uses the Undertale Color Mod by Michael_King (NOT mine at all. Download link for that is here:

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